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OIL 2001 – 2010

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Dublin 5005 – 2007

This group of work was made with reference of lving back in Dublin, when I  lived in Portotbello. The work took on a whole new set of colours for me to work with.

Window Study 80x60cm
Tapas (Barcelona) 60x80cm
Thomas Reads Dublin
Thomas Reads
Scooter gang 80x80cm
Car Park Portobello 100x80cm
Scooter gang 100x130cm
Scooter gang 100x130cm
Reflecting in Ricks 130cmx100cm
Reflecting in Ricks 130cmx100cm

New York work

Working over the previous paintings got me to this stage where I explored the colours and my learning of drawing mechanical objects. For me it was the challenge of learning and painting reflective surfaces and trying to achieve a photorealistic element while retaining a painting style.

Wet Bus 60x80cm
Railway 60x80cm
Wet Fiish 80x80cm
Double W 80x80cm
Subway 100x70cm by shane sutton
Subway 100x70cm
New York Press 100x70cm
Endline 100x70cm
Off road 100x100cm